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12th June 2015
Now the weather is improving, it is time to think about how to spring clean your car - even if you only clean it once a year. With the ending of winter, it's time to deal with the issues of your car driving on roads covered with salt because this could lead to future problems. In addition, the c....Read Full Article

12th June 2015
It is one thing buying a used car but it’s something else when it comes to evaluating the potential options that might be worth the extra money and this guide should help. Let's start with the options that tend to....Read Full Article

12th June 2015
We've said before on that drivers need to be aware of the new license disc rules so they do not fall foul of the laws and wind-up with a fine or worse. This issue....Read Full Article

2nd March 2015
One of the problems when looking for a used car is to appreciate the difference between what is honest wear and tear and what is not. It's a fact of life that cars will pick up some cosmetic damage when being driven around so the older the car, the more damage it will accrue. All cars have stone....Read Full Article

4th February 2015
It's a common question for anybody wanting to buy a used car - should I do this or opt to buy a new car instead. This article will explain what the advantages for buying a used car in the UK are. Before we do, it's important to realise th....Read Full Article

19th January 2015
Everyone knows that driving on ice and snow is a difficult skill to master but here are the tips on helping improve driving techniques. News reports at this time of year are often focused on the troubles drivers have in dealing with ice and snow conditions and show pictures of cars that....Read Full Article

19th January 2015
Depending on the time of year, there are some car bargains to be had so here's the guide to what to look for in winter - whether it's in the showrooms or buying a used car online. Because the weather deteriorates, the demand for vehicles with four-wheel-drive generally peaks in ....Read Full Article

10th January 2015
Most motorists want to keep their running costs to a minimum and that extends to those driving in London but they have a handicap of having to pay the city's congestion charge if they want to drive into the capital’s centre. By doing so they will be hit with an £11.50 charge, though it's l....Read Full Article

4th January 2015
For many people the onset of bad winter weather, particularly snow, always raises the same question: should I switch my tyres to snow tyres? Before we answer that question at, we will need to take a closer look at what winter tyres are available. Unlike some European countries where it....Read Full Article

3rd January 2015
For car fans around the world, the James Bond films are an excellent showcase for some impressive vehicles from the iconic Aston Martin DB5 to the swimming Lotus Espirit. However, all of Bond's previous cars are going to be put into the shade by this impressive creation (pictured) - the Aston Martin DB10.....Read Full Article

30th December 2014
The London congestion charge was brought in to help deal with congestion, as the name would suggest, and the capital was the first to reduce traffic flow in its centre in this way by making most vehicles pay to drive in it. However, many people are confused about what the congestion charge is and where it app....Read Full Article

25th December 2014
Winter can bring some very testing driving conditions whether it's lashing rain, falling snow or icy roads, drivers need to be aware of how to prepare their vehicle and be aware of how to drive on snow. The most important thing for drivers to do in winter is maintain and prepare their vehicle for bad weather. It....Read Full Article

10th December 2014
In a crowded and busy motoring world where the emphasis is on lifestyle and connectivity it’s nice to get the opportunity to do a bit of old school motoring for once. This is why it is good to celebrate car makers like the Morgan Motor Company. Old School Thrills This is what you would imagine driving was li....Read Full Article

9th December 2014
It has been a long time in coming was with various teasers and spy pics, but now the VW Golf R Estate is finally here. This is a red hot load lugger which goes on sale in spring 2015 and it's going to be the best and fastest estate in its class. Its p....Read Full Article

8th December 2014
Here at we are always looking to save money on our motoring costs and with fuel the biggest expenditure, after the car itself, which are the most economical cars around? If only there was a simple answer to the question! For a start, as most of us recognise, the 'official' mileage figures given....Read Full Article

8th December 2014
The paper tax disc that has adorned our windscreens for decades is no more - the march of time means that the taxing of cars is now a paperless procedure. Indeed, if you still have a paper road tax disc in your car’s windscreen, then you are free to rip it to pieces. You have not needed to display a val....Read Full Article

3rd December 2014
This is the impressive Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake which has a unique look all of its own thanks to its height being lowered and a longer coupe-style roofline. Indeed, there's more headroom in this model than for the four-door coupe sibling and buyers can als....Read Full Article